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Mon Amour Rosa Baby (col.3)

Mon Amour Rosa Baby (col.3)

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Very soft 100% PC microfiber yarn ball weighing 50 grams for 135 meters of pure fun.

I love to work it as recommended with 4mm-4.5mm irons and/or crochet. The yarn is very shiny.

This microfiber certified by the brand "Save The Sheep" has countless qualities: 

Versatility: it is a yarn with a thousand uses, with excellent results, handmade with irons and crochet, loomed, or used in multiple garments in a tufting gun.

Softness: it is perfect for the most delicate skins because it doesn't itch or itch.

Washing: it is very easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine.

Antipillig: finally after a lot of work for a warm and soft sweater you won't get those hateful pellets.

Animal Friendly: being synthetic no animal is mistreated or stressed for the production of this yarn.